Better Mobile Coverage for Miners

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  • Thursday, 29 August 2013 15:04
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Mining industry workers and employers are set to benefit from a $100M upgrade to mobile phone coverage in rural Australia, aimed at eliminating notorious 'black spots'.

As many in the industry would know, remote regions of Australia including mining towns and mine sites face the reality of poor and sometimes zero coverage.

The affects penetrate deeper than simply decreased productivity too.

"People living in coal mining regions need reliable mobile phone services to be as active and productive in their communities as they can, keeping in contact with work, kids, families and friends" said Dr Nikki Williams, the CEO of the Australian Coal Association.

"The coal companies operating in regional centres will also benefit from expanded network coverage and fewer black spots, enabling them to run their operations as safely and productively as possible."

"Reliability of telecommunications is a fact of life for the smaller firms that provide services to the industry. Anyone without proper mobile services can be placed at a serious disadvantage in what's normally a very competitive market."

Under the coalitions plan;
The Coalition will provide $100 million to ensure outer metropolitan, regional and remote communities have access to wider and more reliable mobile phone coverage.

With polls indicating a strong result for a coalition victory on September 7th, this is one policy that - if delivered - will be most likely welcomed by all, particularly miners facing isolation issues.

Full details of the plan can be found here:

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