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The Mine With No Beer

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In a move sure to upset those with a “work hard, drink hard” mindset, Rio Tinto have announced plans to call last drinks at its Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia. In a radical sidestep away from the history of mining which has been inextricably linked with that of a heavy drinking culture, the big miner has decided that its workforce can no longer relax after a hard shift in the wet mess

Newcastle: Built on Coal

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When Lieutenant John Shortland chased a group of escapee convicts into Newcastle harbor, some two centuries ago, he did not expect to stumble upon untouched coal deposits. His discovery, back in 1797, has seen Newcastle evolve into one of the world’s largest coal export port.

Today the coal mining industry is a major source of economic and industrial growth – not just in Newcastle but in the whole of the Hunter Region. Thanks to an insatiable appetite from Asia a growing demand has seen mining quickly advance from the basic pick and hammer method to board and pillar and longwall mining

Mining: The Christmas Special

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Tis the season to be jolly. But are there any reasons to be happy if you’re a miner and you have to work this festive season? Let’s face it, most of us don’t want to be working at this time of the year and would much rather be spending time with our family and friends and eating good food and maybe indulging in a tipple or two. Yet sometimes, for those who work in the mining industry, working over Christmas is often part of the package

Mining and the Environment

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The protestors currently blocking major Coal Seam Gas (CSG) operator Santos access to the Pillaga State forest in NSW maybe have versions of the film Avatar playing out in their heads. You know the scenario: big heartless mining company arrives in town to rip up and destroy a pristine environment just for the sake of their profit. But is it really the case that mining today equates with unscrupulous companies wanting to plunder untouched natural habitats, just like the fictitious mining entity RDA threatening the beautiful world of Pandora in its unrelenting search for unobtanium

Welding the Gender Gap

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Chaining themselves to railings and setting mailboxes alight; it was all in a day’s work for the Suffragettes of 1990s who ignited a fight for a woman’s place in society and consequently in the workforce. Decades later it is a pursuit not as violent but just as vehemently fought. As an issue, gender diversity is by no means industry-specific; it is in fact an issue that blows farther than the mineshafts of northern Queensland – yet it is no less pressing

Karratha: The Rich Mining Town

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On paper it’s euphoria, a place that you need to see to believe. In WA, the town of Karratha provides no shortage of ‘pinch me’ moments with a 37-degree summer day default and a winter low of just 14. Blankets of golden sands and enchanting blue waters envelop the coastline and divide into some of the most secluded beaches in Australia. But Karratha is not just a holiday town; money – and lots of it – is to be made here

Is Red Tape to Blame?

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As the lynchpin of Australia's economy, mining is BIG business. This is no more true or real than it was five years ago but a recent increase in media coverage has revealed the resources industry is more of a crux than ever. Driving our competitive market share, especially as demand dwindles from mass importer China, desperate times call for not-so discreet measures, and the newly elected Abbott Government is calling to free a sector tied down in red tape

Someone Has To Dig It Up

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Mining in Australia can be a tough slog. We have a vast, scenic country and the conditions vary from freezing cold through to scorching hot.

At this time of year, Australian miners are gearing up for what is expected to be a dangerously hot summer. We’ve already seen devastating bushfires tear through NSW as well as a close call at Cloud Break, WA forcing workers to evacuate their camp

The Trade vs The Degree

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With the mining employment climate as unpredictable as the weather it is no coincidence that new entrants are more conflicted than ever. Faced with an uncertain job market and no convincing answers, school leavers and job seekers are being forced to take a punt on their future. So does one veer right for a University Degree or head left for a Trade?

Mount Isa: The Mining City

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The North-Western Queensland city of Mount Isa is inextricably linked to the fate of mining. With the recent China slowdown and related transition in the Australian resources sector, Minetalk spoke with Mount Isa Mayor Tony McGrady to discuss the impact this was having on Mount Isa. In the interview, Mayor McGrady gave his insights about the recent Glencore Xstata merger, railed at the suggestion of 500 workers being made redundant as a result, commented on how the current status of the mining sector is a case of "ebbs and flows", predicted that uranium mining could be a future reality for Mount Isa Mines and gave his (pointed) opinion on Tony Abbott and the FIFO worker debate

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