Better Mobile Coverage for Miners

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Mining industry workers and employers are set to benefit from a $100M upgrade to mobile phone coverage in rural Australia, aimed at eliminating notorious 'black spots'.

As many in the industry would know, remote regions of Australia including mining towns and mine sites face the reality of poor and sometimes zero coverage

Classic Mining Machines: 797 and D11

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Mining equipment has come a long way since the humble days of the gold pan, hand-operated compressed air coal cutters and horse-drawn coal carts. The explosion of mining in the modern age has lead to an equal explosion in the development and manufacture of mechanical mining equipment, created to address the challenges associated with mining in the modern age

Safety Work Boots for Mining

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Miners are often dealt the wet, slippery, muddy, uneven and rocky ground card. There’s no consistency in weather or terrain and so with all the trust laying at your feet you better hope you’ve wrapped them in the right shoes. But when it comes to the choosing the correct shoes, size isn’t the only thing a miner should be concerned with. To save you wadding through the plethora of work safety boots on offer we’ve made something overwhelming as easy as pie! Here’s our top five selected lace-ups for Aussie miners

New Minetalk iPhone App

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We’ve just launched version one of our own iPhone application.
Now you can use your iPhone to capture photos and videos then share them with the Minetalk community

Robots to say hasta la vista, mine

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Terminator, Transformers, Robocop, Bicentenial Man – these are just a handful of robots we’ve come to know and love.
On film is where we meet these fictional characters – and on film is where we’d expect them to stay.
But what if all of that was about to change?

Luggage worth bagging

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With all the travelling that fly-in-fly-out workers do, it’s important to have durable luggage.

From carry-on bags and check-in suitcases to crib bags and tool bags, knowing which ones are worth bagging can save you time and money.

Here’s the low-down on some of the best bags for FIFO jobs

Tablets: a buying guide

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With app-based software and operating systems all the rage, tablets are taking over as the computing method of choice for those on the go.

And, their light and portable nature make them ideal for FIFO workers too – whether it’s checking emails and social networking, playing games on flights or video chatting with loved ones at home.

Minetalk has sussed out five of the best tablets going around and constructed the following buying guide for those of you keen to get your hands on one!

Five Handy Apps For Aussie Miners

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In a world now dominated by smartphones and tablets, workers are turning to these devices more than ever to organise their daily lives.  Putting aside the generic email and social networking applications - here are five handy free apps



o BHP A$31.91 ▼0.24 (-0.75%)
o Rio Tinto A$58.55 ▼0.65 (-1.10%)
o Fortescue A$2.02 ▼0.12 (-5.61%)
o Newcrest A$12.42 ▼0.23 (-1.82%)


Company ID [ASX:BHP] Last trade:A$31.91 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.24 (-0.75%)

Rio Tinto

Company ID [ASX:RIO] Last trade:A$58.55 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.65 (-1.10%)


Company ID [ASX:FMG] Last trade:A$2.02 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.12 (-5.61%)


Company ID [ASX:NCM] Last trade:A$12.42 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.23 (-1.82%)


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Is the mining boom in Australia over?

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