Shining a light on unions

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Prime Minister Abbott’s recent announcement of a royal commission into alleged corruption within Australian trade unions has sparked divisive debate about the role and function of the union movement in modern day Australia.

Certainly, a Liberal government announcing a royal commission into union corruption is always going to cause a stir on both sides of politics

2014: Boom or Bust?

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Albert Einstein once said: Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. As the year of 2014 begins, we thought it was time to discover what could be learnt from 2013 in terms of how the resource sector performed, what the current state of play is and what is on the horizon for Australian mining in 2014

Twiggy Digs Deep

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In what is known to be the largest philanthropic donation ever in Australia, Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest will donate A$65 million to higher education in Western Australia tomorrow.

This isn't the first time Twiggy has worn the charity hat, in fact, his foundation has donated approximately A$270 million since 2001

Rio Tinto Ignore the Slowdown

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In a move that has many questioning their motives, Rio Tinto have put forward plans to develop one of the biggest iron ores mines in WA’s Pilbara. At a time when China’s demand for resources appears to be dwindling, the mining company’s expansion strategy is a surprise to many in the industry

A State Of Readiness

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A rich vein of conferences that both supports and informs the mining industry exists in Australia.

Indeed, there are over 50 conferences planned to see out the rest of 2013 in Australia alone. So there are a lot of different prospects staking a claim for attention

Perth gets a revamp, Brisbane next?

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The mining boom has put a lot of pressure on Perth Airport, leading to the construction of a new domestic terminal to deal with the increased flow of passengers. In the past six years the number of passengers through the airport has doubled making the need for expansion crucial.

Due to the strength of the Western Australian economy Perth’s airport has been the country’s fastest growing capital city airport for seven straight years

Swann slammed over shortfall

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Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has been roasted by fellow politicians over the paltry amount of revenue the mining tax has gathered in its first six months.

Mr Swan revealed on Friday the Federal Government’s controversial tax had raised $126 million in its first six months. The figure is alarmingly low considering the government had budgeted for the tax to raise at least $2 billion in the 2012/13 financial year

BHP and Government help out

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Flood-ravaged Queensland has received a hefty donation from mining giant BHP Billiton.

Last week the company donated $1 million to the Red Cross’s flood relief appeal to match the state government’s contribution.

Mining CEOs bite the dust

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There’s been some major shake-ups in the mining industry lately with CEOs from eight of the ten largest companies asked to leave, rumoured to be leaving, or resigned in the past couple of years

The U.S. Fiscal Cliff’s Effect on Mining

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Talk of the ‘U.S. fiscal cliff’ has been dominating media across the globe these past few weeks but many of us are wondering what it really means and if it will have any effect on Australia and our lucrative mining industry.

Under the Budget Control Act of 2011, new terms were scheduled to go into effect at the end of 2012 creating quite a nightmare for the U.S. government already dealing with a volatile economy.



o BHP A$31.91 ▼0.24 (-0.75%)
o Rio Tinto A$58.55 ▼0.65 (-1.10%)
o Fortescue A$2.02 ▼0.12 (-5.61%)
o Newcrest A$12.42 ▼0.23 (-1.82%)


Company ID [ASX:BHP] Last trade:A$31.91 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.24 (-0.75%)

Rio Tinto

Company ID [ASX:RIO] Last trade:A$58.55 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.65 (-1.10%)


Company ID [ASX:FMG] Last trade:A$2.02 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.12 (-5.61%)


Company ID [ASX:NCM] Last trade:A$12.42 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.23 (-1.82%)


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