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XXXX Island Winner!

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Congratulations to our XXXX Island competition winner!
Our lucky winner hails from Perth, but has requested to stay anonymous. However, he has informed us that he can’t wait to get to the Island

The Ultimate Carton: XXXX Island

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The phrase “that’s a carton” is comprised of just three little words, yet these words can have a big impact.

“That’s a carton” is a term you will have no doubt heard on site, uttered in reference to an embarrassing blunder or an agreed upon wager.

Uttering these three words commits the “cartonee” (person being fined) and “cartoner” (person issuing the fine) to an ongoing relationship that can only be annulled with the purchasing and provision of a carton.

Minetalk is calling on readers to submit their best “that’s a carton” photo, video or story for the opportunity to score themselves and three mates a prize package worth up to $10,000 RRP (including return domestic flights) to visit the idyllic XXXX Island, located off the central Queensland coast

The Carton Rules

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Have you ever been ordered to buy a carton or perhaps had to demand a carton yourself? We found this tremendous set of rules for the carton procedure. Do you have any amendments or additions? We'd love to hear about precedence in this often grey area of mining law

The Biggest Mines In The World

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Bigger isn’t always better, but in the mining industry it usually is. Big machines unearthing big loads of ore to make big bucks leads to some pretty sizeable holes in the ground. So we set out to answer the question: just what are the biggest mines in the world? We qualified what constitutes ‘big’ in the mining industry by looking at: the largest open pit mine, deepest underground mine, biggest workforce, largest tonnage extracted and most profitable mine. What we’ve dredged up is sure to astound you – in a big way.

Mining Camp Wish List

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A 50-seat cinema, world-class drinking tavern and a sporting mecca are at your disposal – anytime, any day – that’s only the beginning, and it’s an offer gas giant Inpex hopes new and old FIFOs cannot refuse. In an attempt to keep miners happy at work, the impending retreat style ‘villa’ will mimic all the elements of a holiday resort - sans the departure ticket

Our Mineral Rich Australian Land

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There's no question that mining has created a path to economic prosperity for our nation.

Since the early days of the gold rush, we've continued to strike it lucky on the land, and despite politically driven media hype declaring the resources boom over - the ships continue to leave our ports, full to the brim of ore and finished products.

Australia sends Iron Ore, Coal, Copper, Zinc, Alumina, Manganese, Lead, Gold, Uranium, Nickel, Bauxite, Silver and Mineral Sands to our international trading partners in return for huge amounts of money

Mining Mayhem Hits 100k likes

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If you're not yet familiar with it, Mining Mayhem is a Facebook page gaining some serious viral traction in the world of social media.

The concept is simple; Mining industry stakeholders anonymously send in their photos and videos of incidents, mishaps or amusing situations from on-site and they're published for the world to see.

Digging through mining history

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The next time you send a text message you should really thank a miner.

This is because your smart phone contains around 30 rare earth minerals that can only be sourced through mining.

Minerals such as gold, tungsten, tin, coltan, neodymium and cerium are required to make your smart phone work. So in other words: no mining, no smart phone.

Point being: in the modern age we rely on mining to help us make cool stuff that improves our everyday lives. But this ain’t nothing new

Get to Know the Snow

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Looking to cool down after all that hard work at the mines? Why not spend your hard-earned time off at the snow? It’s the perfect way to chill out this winter.

Australia and New Zealand have some fantastic resorts, but unless you’re a veteran boarder or skier, knowing where to carve it up can be tricky. We’ve picked three resorts worth checking out. They’re all quite different, so there’s something to cater to all needs and experience levels

Characters of the Kimberley

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Working the mines day in and day out can get the best of us and when the  daily 'grind', pardon the pun, gets underwhelming the dreaded monotony isn't too far off. So when it's time for that coveted R&R why not get lost with some local legends from the Kimberley?

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o Rio Tinto A$58.55 ▼0.65 (-1.10%)
o Fortescue A$2.02 ▼0.12 (-5.61%)
o Newcrest A$12.42 ▼0.23 (-1.82%)


Company ID [ASX:BHP] Last trade:A$31.91 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.24 (-0.75%)

Rio Tinto

Company ID [ASX:RIO] Last trade:A$58.55 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.65 (-1.10%)


Company ID [ASX:FMG] Last trade:A$2.02 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.12 (-5.61%)


Company ID [ASX:NCM] Last trade:A$12.42 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.23 (-1.82%)


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