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 |  Tuesday, 15 April 2014 09:19

When Lieutenant John Shortland chased a group of escapee convicts into Newcastle harbor, some two centuries ago, he did not expect to stumble upon untouched coal deposits. His discovery, back in 1797, has seen Newcastle evolve into one of the world’s largest coal export port.

Today the coal mining industry is a major source of economic and industrial growth – not just in Newcastle but in the whole of the Hunter Region. Thanks to an insatiable appetite from Asia a growing demand has seen mining quickly advance from the basic pick and hammer method to board and pillar and longwall mining

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 |  Monday, 03 February 2014 10:00

What would you do for $200,000? No, this isn’t a trick question. In fact, you don’t have to do anything too strenuous or consider risking your life. Forget about jumping out of a plane - no parachute in sight - or climbing a mountain sans the Sherpa or safety gear. It’s not nearly that exciting. Sorry.

All we want you to do is drive a haul truck up and down the same road for hours upon hours, while still remaining focused and alert. But that’s not too say you’d be stuck in one place

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 |  Wednesday, 27 November 2013 14:00

Chaining themselves to railings and setting mailboxes alight; it was all in a day’s work for the Suffragettes of 1990s who ignited a fight for a woman’s place in society and consequently in the workforce. Decades later it is a pursuit not as violent but just as vehemently fought. As an issue, gender diversity is by no means industry-specific; it is in fact an issue that blows farther than the mineshafts of northern Queensland – yet it is no less pressing

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 |  Tuesday, 19 November 2013 09:14

On paper it’s euphoria, a place that you need to see to believe. In WA, the town of Karratha provides no shortage of ‘pinch me’ moments with a 37-degree summer day default and a winter low of just 14. Blankets of golden sands and enchanting blue waters envelop the coastline and divide into some of the most secluded beaches in Australia. But Karratha is not just a holiday town; money – and lots of it – is to be made here

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 |  Monday, 04 November 2013 14:07

As the lynchpin of Australia's economy, mining is BIG business. This is no more true or real than it was five years ago but a recent increase in media coverage has revealed the resources industry is more of a crux than ever. Driving our competitive market share, especially as demand dwindles from mass importer China, desperate times call for not-so discreet measures, and the newly elected Abbott Government is calling to free a sector tied down in red tape

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 |  Thursday, 24 October 2013 11:40

With the mining employment climate as unpredictable as the weather it is no coincidence that new entrants are more conflicted than ever. Faced with an uncertain job market and no convincing answers, school leavers and job seekers are being forced to take a punt on their future. So does one veer right for a University Degree or head left for a Trade?

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 |  Tuesday, 08 October 2013 12:03

In a clash of the ‘common man’ and the Coalition, tension is building high as the newly appointed Abbott government begins to unroll its promised policies. The first order of business is to instate perennial ‘industry baddie’, Nigel Hadgkiss, as the new chief of the Fair Work Building and Construction.

In a move that puts pressure on the already strained relationship between unionised workers and the state, the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union, cannot help but be reminded of the tenuous times from 2005 to 2008, when Mr Hadkiss’ reign as deputy head of the Australian Building and Construction Commission saw him publicly slander workers

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 |  Tuesday, 01 October 2013 13:27

A 50-seat cinema, world-class drinking tavern and a sporting mecca are at your disposal – anytime, any day – that’s only the beginning, and it’s an offer gas giant Inpex hopes new and old FIFOs cannot refuse. In an attempt to keep miners happy at work, the impending retreat style ‘villa’ will mimic all the elements of a holiday resort - sans the departure ticket

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 |  Tuesday, 10 September 2013 13:42

What could easily play like a scene from Hollywood biopic Erin Brockovich, is the ever-evolving case of: the Coal Seam Gas mining giants versus the people.

As a natural gas, CSG is said to be cleaner for the environment, lighter on the hip-pocket and is unarguably improving the country’s financial stature ten-fold. It’s a viewpoint many pro-CSG bodies, including gas and oil companies and some politicians, would like you to believe but this is not a bi-partisan case

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 |  Monday, 12 August 2013 10:52

In a move that has many questioning their motives, Rio Tinto have put forward plans to develop one of the biggest iron ores mines in WA’s Pilbara. At a time when China’s demand for resources appears to be dwindling, the mining company’s expansion strategy is a surprise to many in the industry

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o Rio Tinto A$58.55 ▼0.65 (-1.10%)
o Fortescue A$2.02 ▼0.12 (-5.61%)
o Newcrest A$12.42 ▼0.23 (-1.82%)


Company ID [ASX:BHP] Last trade:A$31.91 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.24 (-0.75%)

Rio Tinto

Company ID [ASX:RIO] Last trade:A$58.55 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.65 (-1.10%)


Company ID [ASX:FMG] Last trade:A$2.02 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.12 (-5.61%)


Company ID [ASX:NCM] Last trade:A$12.42 Trade time:4:10PM GMT+11 Value change:▼0.23 (-1.82%)


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