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  • Tuesday, 24 September 2013 16:08
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We're heading directly into summer. Anyone who has worked in the Australian mining game knows that most sites get stinking hot during summer.

Last week we had a 57 degree maximum reported at Phosphate Hill near Mt Isa in Queensland. That's hot enough to make a nun to have a go at Bob Hawke's 11 second yard glass sculling record.

We've looked at some tips to help you handle the heat before, and obviously you need to consider your health at work by staying hydrated with water and steering clear of alcohol, but here are some tried and true tools you can use for quenching your thirst when you're off site this summer:

Little Creatures Bright Ale:


A sensationally crisp, flavoursome balance of hops and malt. This is a great Aussie beer, brewed in Fremantle, that doesn't bloat you like some of the thicker pale ales and wheat beers around. Little World Beverages, who created Little Creatures were bought out last year by Japanese giants LION for $380 million, relinquishing the undervalued title of "Aussie owned". Nevertheless, this is a top quality beer that is loved by most.

Rating: 4/5  Average Price: $67/ slab  Availability: Common

Vale / Ale:


This is definitely one of our favourites. A true Pale Ale, this premium beer from South Australia is one to pull out on a special occasion such as Grand Final day or the first day of your time off. Not to be used for paying "carton-rule" debts. It is one of those densely flavoured, full and fruity tasting ales that you probably couldn't handle all night yet you'll find yourself reaching for another, and another. The packaging is also amazing, but in true premium craft beer style, they come in 4-packs rather than six packs and cost about the same.

Rating: 5/5  Average Price: $70/ slab  Availability: Less-Common

Buckley's Pilz:


Here's a beer with a story. William Buckley, the man behind the famous Aussie saying "Buckley's Chance" was the inspiration for this thirst quencher. William Buckley was sent to Australia as a convict and escaped. He lived with Aboriginals for around 32 years before remarkably showing his face again. They all said there would be Buckley's chance of his return. Anyway, this is a magnificent beer that has a unique dry, bitter taste. You might find this one a little hard to locate down at your local bottle shop, and you'll have Buckley's chance of buying one at the wet mess, but thanks the wonders of modern technology, you can order a slab of this sensational brew online.

Rating: 4/5  Average Price: $70/ slab  Availability: Rare

Bulmers Original Cider:


A lot of people are moving to or have already moved over to cider. Possibly because of the lightness compared with beer and alternatives. Either way, it's a cracking drink to enjoy after a hot day and can often serve as a good break between beers. Bulmers is the original and one of the most readily available, good quality ciders. Give it a crack.

Rating: 3/5  Average Price: $65/ slab  Availability: Common

Victoria Bitter:


The Aussie classic. About this time last year VB changed their recipe back to its former glory and it's been very well received. If you're buying beer you either love it or hate it, but it's safe to say, no-one is turning down an ice-cold VB at the end of a 50 degree day. An interesting fact: VB is actually a lager style beer, not a bitter like the name implies. Also, cricket legend David Boon is said to have drunk 52 cans of "full-strength beer" on a flight to London in 1989 which one can only imagine was probably VB.

Rating: 3/5  Average Price: $40/ slab  Availability: Extremely Common

What's your favourite beer for on/off site?



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